Hanwell Synergy Software

Synergy Between you and your EnvironmentsThe-IMC-Group-British-Made

Synergy is an innovative software platform, designed by our IMC software engineers to bring all Hanwell hardware data together for interactive analysis and immediate alarm notification.

All Hanwell transmitters are configured through Synergy and all data is recorded in the secure Synergy database. Full data collection with interactive graphs, tables and plan views enable users to slice historical data in multiple ways for advanced analysis as well as set alarms and report on alarms generated. Synergy user access levels can be managed through customisable groups. Managing environmental data has never been so easily accessible to so many – whatever and whenever you need it – from wherever you are.

Whatever you needsynergy-software2

  • Single or multi-user access for small, medium or large monitoring needs
  • Share data with users and allocate permissions to various data groups where required
  • Data collection and display of more environmental parameters than any other product on the market
  • Display quick overview of sites and / or sensor groups specified by individual users
  • Access interactive graphs, tables and plan views for detailed data analysis
  • System validation to organisation requirements with full supporting IQ & OQ protocols

Whenever you need it

  • View real-time data 24/7synergy-software1
  • Immediate system, email and SMS alarm notification to user defined personnel
  • Generate automated reports or access data immediately and easily via the system

Wherever you are

  • Access critical information on your local PC, via company intranet or network and via the internet
  • View and interact with data and settings from anywhere in the world using commercially available browser based formats e.g. Firefox or IE

Validatable Software:

Synergy is a fully validatable software platform, compliant to FDA 21 CFR Part 11 and GAMP5. The validatable Synergy software offers the very latest in cloud-based technology with a huge amount of flexibility featuring customised views, detailed permission control and much more. Contact us for more information about our validatable software package.

  • Local radio receiver with Modbus RTU output
  • OPC server (software to software communication)
  • Modbus TCP service


Synergy is flexible and additional bolt-ons are available to those with specific monitoring requirements:

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Example below of temperature monitoring graph with overlay of additional fridge.



  • Browser based technology with SQL database
  • Individual versions tailored to key market sectors: Healthcare, Pharma*, Heritage and Industrial
  • Top level pictorial overview of site activity and alarms on start up
  • Devices can be added at will with no interruption to logging
  • User access management and control via simple permissions process
  • Seamlessly supports multiple geographical locations
  • Easy navigation to alarms, reporting tools and administration areas
  • Easy access to historical data
  • Supports all Hanwell current and future hardware
  • Option to design additional bespoke reports
  • Installation of software on central server removes need to install or update multiple PC’s
  • Allows flexible grouping of sensors to customise views even across multiple sites
  • Variety of alarm features available including email and SMS notifications
  • Full history of recorded data available for analysis by users at all times
  • Export data files to CSV formats
  • Automated reporting directly to PDF format at user defined timescales
  • Interactive graphical and tabular data