How to prevent the spread of Legionnaire’s disease

Legionnaire's Disease

How to prevent the spread of Legionnaire’s disease

In order to keep in line with the Approved Code of Practice, all employers who manage properties with hot and cold-water systems and/or wet cooling systems have a legal obligation to identify any risk of contamination, such as Legionnaire’s, as well as implementing a method to prevent and control the contamination.

This code applies to all hot & cold-water systems in a workplace such as universities, nursing homes, B&B’s, camping and caravan sites etc, regardless of capacity. Legionnaire’s Disease can cause a fatal bout of pneumonia and is caught by inhaling droplets of water suspended in air which contains the legionella bacteria, for example, in showers and taps. The bacteria develop in stagnant water, but is preventable through regulated temperature monitoring.

How to prevent Legionnaire’s Disease:

Reducing the risk of Legionnaire’s disease with water systems can be best achieved using temperature monitoring and control. It is advised that:

  • Hot water should be stored at 60°C and above
  • Cold water should be stored below 20°C

HSE Guidelines recommends “introducing measures which do not allow proliferation of the organisms in the water systems and reduce, so far as is reasonably practicable, exposure to water droplets and aerosol. This will reduce the possibility of creating conditions in which the risk from exposure to Legionella bacteria is increased.”

Here at The IMC Group, we have a range of semi and fully automated systems and methods for monitoring temperature, with reporting and alarming systems.

By combining wireless monitoring transmitters and handheld thermometers with barcode scanning technology, monitoring water temperature has never been simpler. All temperature data can be downloaded to a central monitoring system, keeping your records up to date and alarm notifications can be sent by SMS and email 24/7, should any errors occur.

To find out more about how The IMC Groups temperature monitoring systems can protect your business from Legionnaire’s Disease, contact us today.

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