Industrial Equipment Monitoring

Whether your aim is to maintain optimum environments within a warehouse, deter damage in transit or monitor remote site conditions, IMC will have the right solution for you.

We know industry never sleeps, so as your needs grow or change, we keep pace to keep you moving in the right direction.


Environmental Damage Deterrent Solutions

Adopting damage deterrence measures such as environmental monitoring, alerts everyone; from those using industrial equipment in factories, to those who handle your goods during shipment. These established monitoring systems are used by many organisations including Rolls-Royce, Edmundson Electrical and EPS Logistics Technology.

Alerting users of a products potential vulnerability in specific environments enables them to maintain the conditions you expect and ultimately gives you the evidence you need to execute a controlled damage preventative program in-house and on the road.

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Al Ain Fertility Centre

Hanwell technology chosen by world-class medical facility for measurement and control of temperature and humidity of laboratories, cleanrooms and pharmacies.

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