Heritage Monitoring and Control

Our Hanwell range of environmental monitoring and control products provide conservators with the information required to maintain the conditions that help preserve our heritage and keep visitors comfortable.

Whether you are monitoring a small or large museum or exhibition, an item on loan or even remote sites, we will have a monitoring solution for you.


Hanwell founded in 1990 by Dr M Hancock

Hanwell began working closely with the National Trust and the Victoria & Albert museum to develop a comprehensive range of data acquisition and control solutions.

Our discreet designs continue to utilise unrivalled, British made radio telemetry (by IMC). Hanwell Heritage environmental monitoring technology is always produced alongside a museum or gallery with a specific conservation need that meet accreditation standards and ultimately support them in their fight for preservation.

Typical Industry Measurement Options:

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Latest Case Study

A Follow up with the Mary Rose Portsmouth Museum

Culmination of a 34-year restoration project with 16th century maritime engineering protected by The IMC Group’s 21st century Hanwell technology.

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Hanwell helps lighten the burden of monitoring LUX and UV within museums and historical properities

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Museum Humidity Control

Humidity Control

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Museum Humidity

Relative Humidity (RH) within Museums

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