We are committed to providing market leading environmental monitoring tools both to assist with FDA compliance within the food industry and to support food professionals with their food safety management system.

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Food processing, cooking and refrigerating

The Manufacturers Food Regulatory Program Standards have been put in place to protect the public from food borne illness and/or injury. All refrigeration equipment and storage areas should contain a food safety management system including 24/7 environmental monitoring for compliance purposes as well as public health risk avoidance.

Regular temperature checks within chilled areas such as cold rooms, fridges (2°C – 8°C) and freezers (-20°C, -30°C,- 40°C & -80°C) for many critical items including; equipment, supplies and samples can easily be achieved using established wireless IceSpy systems.

Our IceSpy Notion Pro temperature monitoring system offers exceptional accuracy and reliability, with superior radio performance and are suited to food manufacturing facilities.

The ShockWatch range of temperature indicators can also be used during packing up to 26 times for temperature monitoring during transport.



Temperature & Humidity

Powered and fresh ingredients in dry storage

When storing foods within food processing facilities it is vital to monitor the level of humidity in an environment at all times. Monitoring moisture in the air can be used as part of your food safety management system to alert users of potential clumping with certain foods (sugar, salt, powered products). In some cases such as flour, it can be dangerous to let clumping occur due to its chemical reaction and its resulting explosive nature.

Relative humidity (RH) within manufacturing facilities must be carefully controlled to maintain food quality and can easily be achieved using the IceSpy Notion Pro temperature and humidity sensor.

These chemical reactions can occur just as easily during transportation so our range of monitoring solutions provide date and time stamped temperature and humidity information throughout a journey to assist dangerous occurrences such as this.


Delicate foodstuffs and packaging

Perishable foodstuffs such as fruit are often bruised easily during transit and require careful packaging. Packaging processes can also include ways to monitor impacts and potential damages that might appear hours after the delivery is made assisting customers in determining potential spoilage before acceptance of deliveries.

As part of any food safety management system our range of cost-effective, self-adhesive indicators can be used on packaging to provide immediate and clear visible notification of potential damage caused by impact. These state that they are a monitored shipment and change a handler’s behaviour, something that ‘fragile’ labels have stopped achieving.

Impact indicators come in a variety of different g-force levels from 25-100g depending on the shipment sensitivity.




Critical areas and equipment

High quality food regulatory processes refer to a strict level of control in order to guarantee a safe and stable environment for foods. Temperatures are monitored for regulatory compliance and a secondary function is the generation of alarms which will eventually alert the user of an open door condition.

If a faster indication of door open is required then the use of wireless door sensors are a good solution. Door alarms have the benefit over temperature generated alarms providing a much faster response. The longer a door is left open the more energy is required.

The IceSpy Notion Pro transmitters with door switch can be used either on smaller fridges or larger cold room doors as part of your food safety management system.  Alternatively refrigerated areas can be monitored with combined door and temperature alarms using the AlarmWatch series with SMS alerts.

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