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icespy notioin pro

Affordable wireless monitoring without compromise

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24/7 comprehensive monitoring technology like no other.

Superseding and replacing System5, the all new IceSpy Notion Pro delivers a totally reliable and flexible wireless temperature system that incorporates technological breakthroughs in wireless monitoring that can be seen in our premium Hanwell range.

The IceSpy brand is well-established throughout the cold-supply chain for providing cost-effective solutions to wireless monitoring within fridges, freezers, and heated and dry storage facilities.

The Notion Pro system takes revolutionary steps forward in reliability, robustness and innovative technology whilst remaining affordable and the new Transport System add on is evidence of this, providing a wireless temperature monitoring solution to refrigerated transportation that is simply added to existing systems.

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Benefits of IceSpy Notion Pro:

  • One affordable system for in-buildings and transportation environmental monitoring
  • Assists with national regulatory requirements such as HACCP, MHRA & GDP
  • Improves product quality and reduce product waste during manufacture, storage & distribution
  • Reduces errors resulting from manual checks
  • Eliminates time spent taking manual readings
  • Alleviates audit stress with easy to access historical reports



notion pro hardware

Hardware features:

  • Monitor in-building and during transportation using innovative wireless technology
  • Wide range of product parameter options
  • Reliable, accurate and durable hardware for long-term monitoring
  • Clean and modern design
  • Long-life, user changeable batteries

As an organisation’s needs grow, so can your IceSpy system:

Software features:

Data at your fingertips

data at your fingertips

  • Single or multi-user access for small, medium or large monitoring needs
  • Share data with users and allocate permissions to various data groups where required
  • Data collection and display of more environmental parameters than any other product on the market
  • Display quick overview of sites and/or sensor groups specified by individual users
  • Access interactive graphs, tables and plan views for detailed data analysis



  • View real-time data 24/7
  • Immediate system, email and SMS alarm notification to user defined personnel
  • Generate automated reports or access reports immediately and easily via the system



  • Access critical information on your local PC, via company intranet or network and via the internet
  • View and interact with data and settings from anywhere in the world using commercially available browser based formats e.g. Firefox, IE

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Always ask for a long-range signal strength test.

We can prove ours to be unrivalled.

Wireless technology you can trust

Data radio communication at low powers within or between buildings is a problematic area, with many pitfalls for the unwary Designer and User.

The Notion Radio wireless temperature system embodies 25 years of engineering expertise in this area to ensure best possible performance with a reliability that is guaranteed. This, coupled with an unrivalled ability to plan and install robust systems, means that you can trust what we say. This is evidenced by many thousands of systems using our technologies in use worldwide today, with many still operating after 25 years.

Unfortunately, wild claims are easy to make but they do not substitute for real expertise. We are more than happy to prove our claims to you at any time before purchase, just please make sure that you ask the same of all potential vendors.


Convenient, reliable on-site calibration for minimal disruption or in-house calibration using our calibration lab technicians provide our customers with flexibility in cost and convenience for ongoing maintenance of your investment with a multitude of calibration points and UKAS certification where required.


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We pride ourselves on our professionalism and ability to accurately interpret customer requirements so as to provide a total solution to real world instrumentation problems. Our philosophy of keeping all design and manufacturing in house enables us to rapidly respond to ever-changing requirements, particularly those driven by legislation.

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