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IMC; Official UK Distributor for ShockLog Recorders

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British Made by The IMC Group Ltd, the ShockLog range of advanced recorders provide accurate shock and vibration monitoring solutions worldwide

The IMC Group is ShockWatch’s official UK distributor and manufacturer for the ShockLog range since The IMC Group sold the brand in 2013.

The world leading ShockLog range has a proven track record in the ability to accurately measure and record shock and vibration using Tri-axial piezo-electric accelerometer technology to record impact direction, amplitude, and duration.

Users can monitor, measure or test vibration, shock, g-force (impact), tilt, temperature and humidity for a comprehensive condition monitoring solution.

Optional sensors can be added to record changes in atmospheric pressure, tilt and roll with the additional benefit of GPS tracking. New to the range is the intrinsically safe ShockLog® specifically designed for use in hazardous environments and to meet strict industry regulations.

ShockLog® 248:

  • Records up to 15 detailed event curves
  • Designed to monitor shock and vibration based on acceleration measurements.
  • Suitable for use in storage or transit
  • Factory Fixed ranges (10, 30 & 100g)
  • Optional External Temperature & Humidity Sensors

ShockLog® 208:

  • 208 is the new series of ShockLog products for entry level market
  • Designed to monitor shock based on acceleration measurements
  • Suitable for storage and transport monitoring
  • Personalised software settings for Slot Alarms
  • Optional External Temperature & Humidity Sensors

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ShockLog® 298 (RD298 successor)

  • Records up to 870 detailed event curves.
  • Designed to monitor shock & vibration based on acceleration or velocity measurements.
  • Suitable for use in storage or transit
  • Optional GPS/Tilt & Roll/RF Communications
  • Optional External or remote Temperature & Humidity Sensors

298 – With Built in RF Module

  • 2.4GHz ZigBee radio module.
  • RF Base unit connects to PC or network
  • Multiple ShockLog units can connect to a single RF Base.
  • Used to setup or download inaccessible ShockLog’s

298 – With Built in Tilt & Roll Sensors

  • Internal Tri-axial MEMS sensor
  • Resolution 0.1 degrees.
  • Graphical data showing +/- 180of motion (providing full roll over information)
  • Both Min and Max values shown on graph
  • Ideal for use on sea journeys 

298 – With built in GPS positioning

  • Records GPS position against summary and Event data
  • Hyperlink to Google maps from both Summaries and Events
  • Easily identify where damage occurred
  • Assists with identifying parties responsible for damage
  • No SIM card required


The world leading ShockLog range

shocklog products

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