Intelligent monitoring and control

The IMC Group Ltd encompasses more than 100 years of accumulated experience in designing, engineering and manufacturing of first-class British electronic instrumentation. Our industry specific environmental monitoring and control systems lead the way in accuracy, radio telemetry and software. We are proud to operate a Quality Management System which complies with the requirements of ISO 9001:2008.

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The IMC Group work within 6 key industries below:


Heritage Monitoring and Control

Innovative and discreet environmental monitoring and control solutions for multiple applications within museums, galleries, libraries, archives and private collections across the globe.

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Pharma Environmental Monitoring

Fully validatable wireless environmental monitoring specifically designed for critical areas to meet strict GDP and GMP quality assurance regulations throughout all Pharmaceutical processes.

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Industrial Equipment Monitoring

Rugged and durable environmental monitoring solutions for heavy duty equipment in situ and continued protection of critical goods from microchips to transformers during transportation.

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Food and Cold Chain Monitoring

Flexible wireless cold chain environmental management systems which adhere to national regulations for hot and cold food temperatures right through the food chain from production to delivery, storage and service.

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Healthcare Medical Monitoring

Monitoring blood, medicines and healthcare products with environmental monitoring technology reduces risk of damage whilst automatically logging data required for regulatory compliance.

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Telecomms Digital

Horizon digital meters provide installation engineers with essential diagnostic tools required for fast and accurate satellite, terrestrial or cable installations with one easy-to-use affordable solution.

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