The ShockLog® shock sensor and recorder assisting with damage prevention for critical equipment in transit

Shock, vibration, and unacceptable environmental conditions can cause costly damage. Identifying responsibility for these unacceptable conditions is the first step in deterring damage and downtime in the future.

By monitoring shock critical goods in situ or in transit, ShockLog® enables users to not only reduce potential hazards and risks associated with critical damage but also the costly repairs and replacements experienced after irreparable damage has occurred.

The world leading ShockLog® range has a proven track record in the ability to accurately measure and record shock and vibration in the harshest of conditions. It's shock recorders provide ongoing monitoring of the intensity and duration of each parameter to large stationary or moving equipment, structures, and products. Tri-axial piezo-electric accelerometer technology is used to record impact direction, amplitude, and duration.

Users can monitor, measure or test vibration, shock, g-force (impact), tilt, temperature and humidity for a comprehensive condition monitoring solution.

Optional sensors can be added to record changes in atmospheric pressure, tilt and roll with the additional benefit of GPS tracking. New to the range is the intrinsically safe ShockLog® specifically designed for use in hazardous environments and to meet strict industry regulations.

ShockLog® products are used across the world by:

ShockLog-customers Alactel Lucent EPS Logistics Thermo Fisher Lockheed Brush Manufacturing Mercedes Rolls Royce MBDA Astrium Alstom

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