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Because we don’t believe ‘out of sight’ means ‘out of mind’, we offer a range of industrial monitoring systems. These damage deterrent products attach to goods before they’re dispatched on their journey along the supply chain, our simple eye-catching labels warn logistics workers that special handling is required, while our sophisticated data loggers are capable of monitoring several parameters at once and recording hundreds of events to ensure conditions don’t move out of specification.

ShockWatch indicators make it clear that any unacceptable handling or environmental conditions will be permanently recorded. By improving treatment of your goods in transport and storage, ShockWatch labels enable you to reduce damage-related costs and strengthen your reputation for damage-free delivery.

At the other end of the scale, sophisticated environmental monitors such as our ShockLog® devices can be attached to valuable shipments that demand sensitive handling to test a route and provide deep insight into trouble spots, enabling companies to build up a better understanding of the journey profile and ways to avoid costly damage – or at least provide legal recourse.


Damage Deterrence

Surveillance for your shipment

Whatever the industry, it’s simpler to save money than make money. Experts agree that innovation for its own sake is ill-advised, and that prolonging the life of valuable, mission-critical equipment is preferable to purchasing new items. By the same token, the cost of returning, replacing and repairing damaged machinery can have a significant impact on the bottom line, quite apart from the disruption caused by its temporary non-availability.

As a result, instruments that help perform preventative maintenance often pay for themselves the moment they are deployed, as well as making production forecasts more accurate, helping businesses comply with industry regulations and providing peace of mind.

Moreover, isolation is no obstacle for our industry monitoring systems. Our ShockLog®Ex device can be attached to moving parts on offshore rigs; our waterproof GPRS transmitters can be placed in a remote area and transmit for up to five years; and just one of our low-power, best-in-class RF units can cover 3km over open ground.

Preventative maintenance
IMC solutions for Industry
IMC Industrial monitoring systems

We already make it possible for our customers to do things as diverse as maintain ideal warehouse conditions, safely transport wind turbine blades, and prolong the life of top drives on offshore oil rigs. So whether your aim is to secure a building, deter damage in transit or maintaining conditions at a remote site, IMC has the right product range and understanding to help determine the right solution for you. We know industry never sleeps, so as your needs change, we keep pace and provide what you need to keep growing.

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